5 Summer Hair Tips!


1. Put conditioner in your hair before you go out in the sun or before you go in the water. This will act as a buffer to protect your hair from the chlorine penetrating directly into the hair.

2. Always wash and condition your hair when you are done swimming whether it be the pool, lake or ocean. Leaving the chlorine or salt water in your hair can be extremely drying.

3. A quick and easy way to fit your deep conditioning treatment into your schedule is to slather your hair with a deep conditioner, or hair masque, before you go outside and let the heat from the sun do what the heat from a dryer would do.

4. If you don’t want to have a heavy conditioner on your hair while you are outside, use a leave in conditioning spray that has a SPF in it. This will help to protect your hair and you can reapply the spray as often as you want. A helpful tip would be to reapply after every dunk in the water you take to cool off.

5. Try to wait 24 hours after getting any chemical service done before going in the pool.

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