Behind The Scenes Of A Salon

As a client, on the outside looking in it might seem as though a hairstylist has the easiest job around. We get to pretty much wear what we want, talk and socialize with people all day long. And look to pop culture for research. Although that is true, there is so much more to it then just that.

To be a great hairstylist means so many different things to so many different people. Some feel if you can give a great haircut more then one time in a row you’re awesome. And some feel if you can repeat the same color as last time, you are amazing. Other people think if you were around when perms were popular you must really know what you are doing. While all of this is important in building up a good reputation for yourself, this is not what makes a hairstylist great.

Sure continued education is important and keeping up with all the current trends is also an important key to success, but some of the most important qualities of being a great hairstylist are actually very simple.


First you need to establish trust with your clients, because like any relationship, without trust you have no foundation. When a client sits in my chair I like to have total honesty between us. If they want a style that I know will not be good for them (maybe it’s because their hair won’t respond well to a specific cut or maybe it’s because it will require too much prep time when they are looking for an easy and low maintenance style) I feel it is my job to be honest with them and stear them towards something that is better suited for them. This alone ensures I have their best interest at heart. I am very consistent with this approach no matter what service a client is wanting.

A lot of stylists out there will do a hi lift color on someone because they have decided to go blonde, but they don’t take into consideration that the clients hair is extremely fragile and may possibly break during the color process. I have denied clients certain services because it was not what was best for their hair. It is not about making the money off the client it is about making the client look and feel beautiful, and if their hair is all broken off, I’m pretty sure they won’t be feeling very pretty. Not all hair types can handle all processes, and it’s my job to help you understand what your hair can and can’t endure.

You always take a chance that the client might get upset when they can’t get what they were hoping for, but I feel as a stylist that it is my job to give you the best advice from my expertise, experience and knowledge. That’s why you trust me.


Being dependable and reliable to your clients is a crucial part in being great. My clients schedule their appointments anywhere from 4-6 weeks in advance and often times months out to ensure they get the day and time they want. It is my job to hold up my end and be accountable to those appointment times. I am a firm believer in punctuality, in fact that is one of the biggest compliments I receive from my clients. They are always so happy that I am on time, and I don’t keep them waiting for 30 minutes past their appointment times before I bring them to my chair. I value and respect that they have a schedule to keep and in return they give me the same consideration. Like I stated earlier this is a partnership we share. If I see there is a possibility I may be late I will call or text you so you can get some other quick errands done before coming in.

In Beauty school we were always taught not to get too personal with our clients and to try not to form relationships, but rather “keep it professional.” Although I understand the reason behind that, I have not been able to do it. I feel so blessed to have the clients I do, and to be able to have the privilege of forming friendships with everyone of them. I consider my clients to be so much more then just a business , they are an extension of my family.

So to all of you, I say thank you for your loyalty and my promise to you is to always be here to help you feel as beautiful as you all are! Often times we don’t take the time to just say thank you, so THANK YOU!


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