Curls, Curls, Curls

“Curls curls curls”
…Hey ladies I’m talking to you!Did you know more then 65% of women have naturally curly hair?

Did you know 97% of curly clients are looking for the perfect cut and styling products for their hair?

Did you know there are 4 different types of curls?
1. Loose curls need a product to give their hair body and lift (without having to even dry your hair!)
2. Classic curls need a lightweight product to even out the hydration to help define the curls
3. Tight curls need more intense hydration to elongate the curl which will help fight the frizz
4. Kinky curls have a lower level of porosity so they require intense hydration and restoring properties which help elongate the curl and rebuild their shape

Here’s another fact about curls: curly hair does NOT have to be FRIZZY hair!

Over 60% of women say frizz is their main concern. Often, we check the weather to anticipate how our hair will act during whatever plans have made for the day.

Guess what? I can offer the solution to your problems! I can do this by using my years of experience with curls (my own, and my clients’), as well as my many hours of education learning the latest and greatest techniques specifically for curly haired beauties. Curly hair isn’t the same as straight hair, so let’s not treat it like it is. By performing the right haircut to fit your needs it will change everything. I can also assist you with the best products to help enhance your new cut. Let me show you how to love what you were given, and make others envy your gorgeous curls. Through precipice cutting and products, I can make you LOVE your hair.

Let me help you embrace those curls and make them beautiful!

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diva curl

Brazilian Blowout


Having smooth, sleek, and shinny hair seems to be something lots of women want, so I’ve done lots of research, taken many classes and had lots of practice in this area. In fact, I am certified in many smoothing and straightening options because they all offer something a bit different then the next, and they are all worth exploring. One of my most popular treatment options is the Brazilian Blowout system.

People ask me all the time why this specific process is so good and why I recommend it so often. There are many advantages to getting a Brazilian Blowout. Ok first off, let’s be clear about the Brazilian Blowout, it’s actually not a “straightening” treatment per say, but more of a “smoothing” treatment that totally conditions the hair. The Brazilian Blowout adds a tremendous amount of shine to the hair and leaves it feeling very silky. The Brazilian Blowout can be done as often as every 6 weeks without damaging the hair (because it is actually so conditioning) but can last up to 12 weeks for some people.

“Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world.

Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!”

(taken from the Brazilian Blowout website:

A note about the Brazilian Blowout is that it is not meant to make your hair stick straight. Instead, it will soften your curls and de-frizz your hair. You may wonder why I think this is a good thing. It’s nice to have a bit of wave or volume in our hair, but as some of you already know, if you have naturally curly hair it has a tendency to grow bigger as the day goes on. When you get a Brazilian Blowout you are actually controlling your curls, and preventing them from getting bigger and bigger by the minute, especially in humidity. So instead of having to tie you hair back by mid-day, you could actually come home with your hair looking the same way it did when you left the house.

This also allows you to have options. You could choose to wear it natural by letting it air dry – you’ll see the curl you have and the new softness it takes on. You will actually have curls you like, rather then fighting with it. And then, when you want to blow it straight, you’ll save about half the time as before since it’s so easy to style straight. Oh and a flat iron won’t be necessary anymore. So you’ll save lots of time, but also your hair will get a break from the amount of heat you’re probably putting on it right now.


Another advantage to the Brazilian Blowout is when it grows out, your hair actually reverts back to how it was before you had the treatment rather then holding on. It grows out evenly all over your head, not leaving your roots curly and your ends straight like so many other systems will do. Basically, it won’t be obvious that your hair has been treated in comparison the new hair growing in.

A huge advantage to this treatment option is that there is no downtime needed after we do the treatment. Once you leave you can wash your hair, work out, or pulling it up. Normally you need to wait 24-48 hours after a straightening system before being able to do any of that to your hair.

The Brazilian Blowout is extremely, user friendly. Once you try it you won’t want to be without it. It helps tame, smooth and heal your hair while you can sit back and just love your “new” hair.

Let me know if you have any questions I can answer about if the Brazilian Blowout, and if it’s a good option for you and your hair! Call me or email to set up your appointment today, you will be so happy you did!

Curls and Summer: Ouidad-certified

summer curls
With summer here the last thing we want to do is spend hours trying to blow out our curly hair to have a sleek straight look we are craving. With temperatures rising and sweat forming as we stand under the dryer, why not use this time of year to embrace your natural curls? How nice would it be to not have to feel like you need to take a shower all over again, as soon as you’re done with your hair? Learning to not blow-dry could be the best thing you do for yourself this summer, and it’s only just begun! Did you know I’m A Ouidad-certified stylist? Girls, we have options this summer – let’s talk about them.

Summer is about trying to find the time to relax a little, spend extra time with the family, playing in the pool, going to the beach, or your local water parks. You want to be able to let loose and enjoy the moment you are in and stop worrying about your hair! How sad to not go in the water and have fun just because your worried about your straight hair. Instead, let it go! Once you give yourself permission to relax a little and enjoy the summer, you’ll appreciate any extra time… including the time you’re spending having fun instead of in the bathroom with a hot blow dryer and big round brush.

too hot to blowdry

Part of all of this is accepting what you were born with and letting those curls come to life – doing so will let you come to life too!

I know some of you are thinking, “oh no way could I ever do that. My curl is so ugly/frizzy/unruly. You might think that you will feel “ugly” going natural. Well first of all let’s remember that it’s not ugly, you just might not know how to wear it curly. You might not know how to work with what you have, and you might not have the right haircut to work with your curls. Luckily, I have the perfect solution to all of those complaints: Ouidad.

The Ouidad haircut will guarantee to control your curl and tame the frizz so you will actually love your curls. Yes, you heard me right… you will LOVE YOUR CULRS! The Ouidad technique has proven time and time again to take control of those curls, even the most unruly ones.

The Ouidad website ( describes this specialized process as 1. understanding our curl 2. identifying your curl and 3. loving your curl.

Ouidad offers the only trademarked cutting technique for curls. The process is a technique that involves “carving & Slicing” based on your specific curls to remove bulk and enhance the natural curl pattern to achieve a more defended ringlet that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces. A Ouidad stylist (me) is taught to analyze each curl to look for it’s unique pattern and texture, to listen to both the curl and the clients desires to create a plan to optimize the curls.

Now you may come across a stylist that says “oh yeah I can cut curly hair” but ask yourself do you want a mediocre haircut or do you want a Ouidad haircut by a certified Ouidad stylist? There is a big difference between a haircut and and a certified Ouidad haircut. Being a Ouidad certified stylist is a very special certification. I spent time in the Ouidad flagship salon in New York City where I took a two day hands-on course that was supervised by highly trained instructors. We were taught the theory behind the technique and then utilized it on live models. We had to be graded on our work and approved by our instructors. In order to get my certification my work had to pass the inspection of my instructor. Talk about a process! But it was so worth it since I learned so much that I now get to use on my clients. Going through this class was by far the most fun and memorable experience I have had in my 25 plus years of being a hairstylist.

To learn more about Ouidad check out the Ouidad website and even see videos on the process here. They also have a section about learning to love your curls in their blog, check that out here. hope these links inspire you to take the first steps towards loving your natural curls. I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you to embrace your curls and rock that new summer look. Call me or email me to set up your next appointment.

I look forward to meeting you, and your curls, soon!




photos taken from Ouidad’s Facebook page

Rock Out Those Curls


With summer here who really wants to spend 45 min to an hour blowing their hair dry to a straight smooth style that will only kink and curl right up once you step outside into the humidity. Yes I said it “humidity” – I know, compared to the east coast Arizona’s humidity is pretty much nothing, but to those of us who live here we do see a difference during monsoon season and it sure does wreck havoc on our hair!

So, to solve this issue why not embrace your curls. Learn to deal with the humity by learning to deal with your natural, healthy, beautiful curls. You might even start to look forward to this time of the year!

Dare to be brave.
Be different.
Step outside the box and show everyone how gorgeous your curls are!

As many of you know I am A Ouidad certified stylist. Ouidad is a method of cutting curly hair so it is more manageable allowing you to cut down on your getting ready time. I have been through extensive training to learn this technique and I also sell many of the products from the extensive Ouidad product line in my salon. These range from the their shampoo and conditioner to gel mousse and conditioning treatments – all to help you embrace and release your beautiful curls, just as Mother Nature intended.

Stop the madness, ease up on the stress and love those curly locks! Come on in and let me show you how. I look forward to seeing you soon!


A Ouidad Cut, A Specialized Cut For Your Curls in Arizona

With summer quickly approaching who wants to spend endless amounts of time primping your hair, in front of the bathroom mirror, under a hot hairdryer followed up with time sucking hair tools, only to need another shower to cool off as soon as you’re done? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying the people around you and lazy summer days, while still feeling confidant in how your hair looks? Imagine how much extra time you could have if you didn’t have to give your hair so much one-on-one attention. 

Well for all you wavy to curly headed people I have the perfect solution for you: A Ouidad cut. This haircut is a highly technical technique for cutting wavy to curly hair. You will not loose all the body, instead you will lose the frizz while gaining a beautifully sculpted curl. A Ouidad cut will help reduce your style time by half, by allowing you the freedom and flexibility to wash-and-go if you choose to do so! So easy for those hot Arizona summer days.

I can’t express enough how completely amazing A Ouidad cut is. I spent two full days in the Ouidad flagship salon in New York City learning and getting certified to be an Ouidad specialist. Another great thing about this technique is it can be personalized specifically to your needs. By this, I mean if you love your curls and fullness but you feel like it’s too bushy I can reduce the bushiness without losing the fullness. I can go anywhere from mild to extreme with the carve and slice technique. It’s catered to your hair and your needs, which is what makes it so amazing!

I strongly encourage you to come see me for your next cut, and try out A Ouidad cut. You will be so happy you did. Just think how great it would be to spend half as much time on your hair and have it look twice as good as before!  


The End Of Split Ends



With summer quickly approaching now is the time to get a handle on your hair. Out in the desert, our hair gets a lot of exposure to the sun but it’s not always the best attention. A good way to prepare for it is to start early and help your hair build up strength so it can withstand the hot summer sun.

You might be wondering how to do this, well I have just the solution! it’s called Split Ends Repairing Treatment, which is part of the Brazilian Blowout haircare system that you can only find in salons with a stylist that is certified like myself. This is an amazing conditioning treatment that takes only 10 min and will last for 4 weeks, as opposed to other conditioning treatments that basically only last until your next shampoo. This treatment instantly strengthens, repairs, seals, and protects your ends for 4 weeks. You may ask yourself “what does that mean?” Basically, it reconstructs and repairs broken and weakened ends, protects the hair against heat styling, preserves the shape of your hair cut and seals split ends instantly.

This is not a treatment that you have to wait over time for it to build up, but the more it becomes part of your routine, the better your hair will be. This service is an easy 10 extra minutes on top of your haircut, color, or even after you have your Brazilian Blowout treatments. This treatment is great whether you have curly hair or straight hair. You don’t need to have had the Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment done to benefit from this service.

I highly recommend each and everyone of you add this on with your next appointments. Let me know when your interested so we can make sure we have the time we need to add that extra bit of TLC to your hair and get you ready for the sun!

Read more about it here | FAQ

5 Summer Hair Tips!


1. Put conditioner in your hair before you go out in the sun or before you go in the water. This will act as a buffer to protect your hair from the chlorine penetrating directly into the hair.

2. Always wash and condition your hair when you are done swimming whether it be the pool, lake or ocean. Leaving the chlorine or salt water in your hair can be extremely drying.

3. A quick and easy way to fit your deep conditioning treatment into your schedule is to slather your hair with a deep conditioner, or hair masque, before you go outside and let the heat from the sun do what the heat from a dryer would do.

4. If you don’t want to have a heavy conditioner on your hair while you are outside, use a leave in conditioning spray that has a SPF in it. This will help to protect your hair and you can reapply the spray as often as you want. A helpful tip would be to reapply after every dunk in the water you take to cool off.

5. Try to wait 24 hours after getting any chemical service done before going in the pool.

Hair Trends Made Personal


Hair Trends: slight customizations to make trends personal.

All too often we wait anxiously to see what hot new hair styles our favorite celebrities are sporting. It might be a new cropped cut or a sexy shag style, other times it’s new layers in their long locks. Sometimes it’s just as simple as a change in bangs, such as full bangs or one that sweeps to the side.

With so many options it can get confusing as to which one is right for you. For instance if you have always had long hair you might feel you wouldn’t look good in a shorter hair style. This is more fiction than fact. The nice thing about the changing trends is every cut can be tailored to the individual.


A shag can be worn at several different lengths while a cropped cut can have an edgier look by leaving a longer bang to it. There are an infinite number of ways to expand on the basic concept of each style and sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Small subtle changes can personalize any style to make it special and unique to each person.

That is where a good and experienced hairstylist is crucial. She or he will be able to visualize what look is best for you and your lifestyle, and bring it to fruition. Cutting hair is not just about picking up a pair of shears and cutting away. There is a science to what angles are best for your face and head shapes as well  as your hairs texture and density. Each factor plays an important role and helps determine what modification should be done to the cut so it fits you best.

Our hair is an accessory we wear everyday. It is very important that you have confidence in your stylist. If you are searching for someone new going in for a consultation is always a good way to become familiar with each other in a relaxed setting. You want to make sure the fit feels right, that they “get” you and you feel comfortable with them so you can voice all your opinions and concerns without feeling awkward. While having your consultation you will have the opportunity to find out what style options would be best for you and what they suggest.

As a hair stylist and color specialist I always welcome a new client consultation because often times it puts the client at ease before you start doing their hair and they appreciate the time you took out of your day to talk and get to know them. Another helpful tip for the consultation is to bring in pictures of different hairstyles you like so your hairstylist will be able to get an exact visual of what you are thinking. Then we can suggest the best way for you to achieve that look or we suggest something similar that we feel might work better for you specifically.

So although bangs are hot right now they may not be best for you. Remember your look is what makes you your own person so even if the magazines say this is “THE” look, the only look that truly matters is the one you feel you can ROCK!


Why To Avoid Box Hair Color

Lets talk more about hair color. This time, let’s chat about why NOT to use a store bought box of hair color.

I am sure you have all seen the commercials advertising how you can perform the various methods of hair coloring at home by just buying a kit at the store. They use our favorite actress and singers in the ads, as if we’re supposed to believe Jennifer Aniston actually dyes her own hair in her bathroom. I don’t think so! The companies tell you it’s a “one size fits all color option.” But your hair is unique to you. Your skin tones, eyebrows, eye color and the condition of your hair all play a part on your hair color, so one brown will look different on two different people, even though they used the same box color. Instead, give yourself customization and expert knowledge, and seek a hair professional who will be able to accurately create a color for you and only YOU!


There is a reason hairstylists have to complete 1600 hours of education and pass state board examines before receiving their Cosmetology license. You can’t just send away for your license like you can with other things.

A hairstylist has many facets. Some specialize in strictly hair cutting, while some become color specialists. There is a lot of time and education that goes into understanding how the color wheel works. You have to know what shades to mix together to achieve that beautiful golden blonde, that rich carmel brown or that vibrant red. With all these companies selling the idea that you can achieve that perfect shade you want with just this one simple application is such a disservice to you as the consumer.

The hair color wheel ranges from black to platinum blonde with additional shades of golds ash reds and more. You can’t take someone with dark brown hair and make them a pretty blonde in one process that comes in a box. If you did, your hair would actually come out orange. You can learn more about the hair color wheel here: and also, view the video below to learn about understanding the laws of hair color (via ExpertVillage).


So although we are all looking for ways to save money, if you proceed with purchasing a box color from the store, you will end up spending twice as much in color correction at the salon than you would have – had you originally gone to a professional and let them do what they have been trained to do. That $10 box color won’t feel that affordable after a $300 color correction.

I am all for being thrifty, and watching what we spend and where we spend it, but there are some things in life that are worth the investment. Our hair is an accessory we wear everyday, so who doesn’t want to rock their look and feel great every time they look in the mirror? Start by doing it the right way, and call a professional! This is not the time for spontaneous money saving tricks!


Hair Color and Confidence


Is Your Hair Color Weakening your Confidence?

Maybe it’s time for a change!

The color of our hair effects us in many ways. It can either help us to feel more confident or it can cause us to want to bury our heads in the sand. Often times we get stuck in a rut and do the same thing all the time. Color is about self expression. Hair color can give us that extra bit of self confidence to go after what we want in life; whether it be in our personal or our professional lives. Hair color has such a variety of options ranging from semi permanent, single process, highlighting. Other options for all over color processes include one overall color all the way to bleaching to become platinum blonde.

I am going to explain the different methods of coloring and tell you why one chooses the options they choose, and how it benefits each individual.

Lets start with the basics.


Semi permanent hair color

Semi permanent hair color is usually a single process application, most commonly used to introduce people to coloring their hair for the first time. Usually someone who gets semi permanent color likes their natural hair color, and has little to no grey hair.

Semi permanent color is beneficial because it adds shine and body to otherwise lifeless and dull hair. Expect it to last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. It will fade out with each washing and will not leave any change in your natural color.

Another great method for using semi permanent color is to assist in adding shine to hair that is a single process permanent color, by applying it to the hair shaft through the ends. This is perfect for sealing the color into your hair.

Single process color


Marla applying all over hair color to Lindsay’s hair.

This method can be any color ranging from brown to blonde. Single process just means it is one color covering the grey at your roots and keeping the same color throughout your entire head. This process is usually done every 4-5 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows and how noticeable the grey hairs are as your natural hair grows out.

Depending on what color your hair is you may see growth at the roots. For example, if you are naturally brunette, and you color your hair red, you will see brown roots, because if they grew in red, you wouldn’t be coloring your hair. This method is fairly low maintenance.



Now let’s talk about highlighting. There are several options with highlights. You can do a full head, partial head, or a few just in the front  to frame your face. Highlighting is great for people who want low maintenance, have little grey, but want to spruce up their own natural color. Highlights can be maintained as often as every 6-8 weeks, or as infrequent as twice a year.

Highlighting can be very addicting. You will love how beautiful and natural a few highlights make your hair look, and may want more and more. But rest assured, if it ever ends up too light,  we can add low lights (adding your natural color back in which will tone down the amount of blonde or red you may have from highlighting This will ensure you will always have a very natural look. You can even combine highlights with a single process color. This is ideal for people who have over 50% grey but don’t want one solid color.

Lara wanted some fresh highlights so we alternated a medium brown with a light blonde to give her hair extra dimension.

Very Blond

Finally I’ll touch on our very blonde heads. This is where we apply a very gentle strength of bleach onto the scalp through the ends of your hair to get that Marilyn Monroe blonde look. The upkeep on this is often more frequent, every 4 weeks, because as soon as your hair grows (1/4-1/2 inch) you will see dark roots and want them blonde again to blend.

With all types of hair coloring it is important to remember to use the correct shampoo and conditioner to maintain the most beautiful results possible.

Let me help you decide which avenue to pursue for your specific hair color and style. I can also direct you towards the best aftercare shampoos and conditioners to use for your hair. Contact me today to get your hair color ready for summer.

When Rachel came in, she had a good 1/2 inch of roots that were in need of becoming blonde again. Rachel had a single process bleach touch up done. She likes to be blondeshell blonde.
When Rachel came in, she had a good 1/2 inch of roots that were in need of becoming blonde again. Rachel had a single process bleach touch up done. She likes to be blondeshell blonde.