Exciting news – welcoming Pai-Shau product line


I’m very excited about my latest addition to the products I carry at the salon: Pai-Shau. Pai-Shau is composed of 5 exotic tea extracts to help strengthen, repair, exfoliate, protect hair (from UV rays), and to help nourish your hair. Pai-Shau uses proteins, anti-inflammatory properties, anti oxidants and vitamins to help give a deep clean. This is done by stimulating blood circulation, adding luster and shine. At the same time it extends the life of your color! How great is that?

One product that does all this!

The scent will make you feel like you’re at the spa, but the really nice thing is that it doesn’t linger all day long so if you are sensitive to certain smells, just know this scent does dissipate. The products I carry can help anyone’s needs, I try to carry something for everyone. Here are a few examples:

Hydrating Ritual is great for all hair types and helps by adding weightless moisture to replenish and restore natural shine.

Volume Ritual works well for fine hair by adding volume without sacrificing moisture.

Enhance Ritual Biphasic Infusion provides extreme shine and healthier looking hair from the very first use.

Design Ritual offers a variety of products to achieve your desired look by using these finishing products.

I can’t wait to introduce these products to you on your next visit in. I’m certain you will love them as much as I do. Learn more about their products on the Pai-Shau website: www.pai-shau.com

On a side note: I don’t sell or promote anything I have not tried on myself. I have used the replenish shampoo and conditioner at home because my hair tends to be on the dryer side and I love the results I have seen so far even after just one use! My hair was instantly softer and shinier – a huge difference.

I have also used the soufflé as a beautiful blow out product to add smoothness, shine and volume, the royal abundance mousse (which is great for volume without the added sticky or tackiness a lot of other mousses have). Of course you all know how much I love oils on the hair so the Biphasic infusion rocks! Lastly, the Opulent Spray works as a fantastic root lifting spray that gives hair volume and also texture.

I can’t wait to have you all experience this awesome product line.

New Salon Location – On My Own!


I have been independent for over 25 years in the beauty business, and I love being my own boss but recently I’ve felt like I wanted to do more. The thought of owning my own salon and having people work for me was not a direction that interests me at this time, but about a month ago I made a very exciting decision: I decided to open my own Studio Salon.

A Studio Salon is basically a space that is independently-operated, usually by a salon or spa professional. They tend to desire to work independently and enjoy the personal and professional freedom of operating their own salon. Studio salons have been on the rise over the past few years and I have watched the way the concept has grown, so when I decided to look further into it, the decision ended up being an easy one.


I have learned a lot while going through this process. Lease negotiations, insurances and licensing, but I have also had a lot of fun choosing my furniture and decor, as well as selecting the products I will have available for retail for you. I finally get to be the one making the decisions about the look and feel of things as well as what products I think work best for my clients! All my experience and expertise is getting put to use and on display.

To have all these decisions be strictly on me has been wonderful (although, a lot of work and I’ll admit: a bit stressful!).

While in the process of getting my suite ready (renovations, choosing the paint color, lighting, furniture and even smocks) I have enjoyed all of the decision making. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many sleepless nights hoping I’ve made the right selections, and trying to figure out what will go where. But I am mostly loosing sleep because I am just so excited!

When the new furniture started getting delivered and I saw it in the salon, in front of me, in person for the first time it was like Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped in one. I love my selections. The shampoo bowl chair is extremely comfortable – get ready for a very relaxing experience. My styling chairs look wonderful and my stations themselves are the bomb!!! I am so happy with my decor choices.

Then came the decisions over product. I met with my product representative to work on my product selection choices that I would be offering I had a lot of different ideas in mind. She helped keep me on track and narrow down my options. I was able to choose three different lines that I know everyone will appreciate and appeal to: Alfaparf, Neuma and the Brazilian Blowout product line. These products are all unique to salons only, so you won’t find them at Ulta or at the grocery store. This also means they are truly good products – only the best for my clients!

Alfaparf offers three different levels of shampoos and conditioners depending on your hair needs. One for if you need moisture, (which we all do simply because we live in the desert) A reconstructive shampoo and conditioner line for those of us who need a little extra TLC on our hair, and then there is the Diamond Line which keeps healthy hair maintained once we have strengthened and transformed your hair to a healthy level.

I also have a precious oil line that offers amazing shine for the hair as well as a dry oil that you can apply to your hair or body – and let me tell you.. it feels amazing on both!

For all of you that are looking or a more natural or green option, I am excited to carry an organic line called Neuma. In the past I have not been that impressed with organic hair products because in my experience they tend to dry out the hair, but not with Neuma. These products are amazing! They lather up great, rinse out clean and smell like you’re at the spa. Unlike some natural products, this one can stand up against the other products on it’s own. They are just as good and are great options to try.

For those Brazilian Blowout clients I also have the shampoo, hair mask and smoothing cream available.

I am so excited to share in this new venture with you all and I welcome you to come by and visit. Even if you’d like to just check my studio out before your next appointment, swing by and say hi – I always love to see you! Plus, you can check out some of the other studios around me. There are places to get your nails done and even waxing. You can get all your beauty needs taken care of in one spot! How convenient, right?

This is going to be a great new chapter for us all.

Now that it has all come together, I know I can rest easy knowing it looks amazing.
I am confident you will be as happy with our new home as I am.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Change, That’s Not So Scary!

newyear-newyou-2013I can’t believe how fast time goes. It seems like it was just the Fourth of July and now we are almost into February of the New Year, moving along quickly. Often times we think about how we want to change our look, but we don’t know how to implement that change. We can buy new clothes, make-up, or jewelry. Yet none of these purchases will help us feel we have completed the new look we are striving for. Even though changing your hairstyle can seem like a significant and scary change, changing your style will never be complete without it. The reason we grow so attached to our hair is it acts as a security blanket. But taking the next step to a new hairstyle does not have to be a scary thing.

-New doesn’t always mean short if your hair is long, or layered if your hair is one length

-New can mean a new color. Whether it be blonde, red, beautiful brown, solid color, or highlights, it can help you feel rejuvenated.

-New can mean putting in extensions for length if your hair is not as long as you’d like, or just to add extra fullness if your hair is on the fine side.

-New can mean straightening or getting the perfect Ouidad haircut that is specifically designed for your curly hair.

The New Year deserves a new you!

Let me help you achieve the new change you are looking for.

Call, text, or email me to set up your appointment . I look forward to hearing from you!

602-697-4660 | marlaleigh44@gmail.com