Customer Service

What are your thoughts on customer service these days?

I am a firm believer in customer appreciation and I pride myself in offering the best customer service to all my clients all the time, not just when it suits me. I feel when you chose to work in the service industry you are taking on a promise to treat everyone equal no matter how difficult that may be.

Over the years I have experienced many different situations that often remind me that everyone has something going on in their lives, so I do my best to make their time in my chair the highlight of their day. They have put aside time to get a service, which I am here to provide.

I feel very lucky to be working in a profession that clients look forward to coming to see me (and of course, let’s be honest… because their hair is excited too), which is quite the opposite of the anxiety we feel when going to the dentist. Ha ha! I have the honor and the privilege to help transform people to feel the very best about themselves when they look in the mirror. Our hair is such an Important part of how we see ourselves. I love that I can help people feel pretty and confident when they look in the mirror. And helping to making you feel your best is the best way I can show my customer appreciation.

My promise to all my existing clients and all the new clients getting ready to book their appointments is this:

– I promise to always listen to what you are telling me you want to do with your hair, while also promising to advise you on what the best look is for you.
– I promise to always give you 100% and never have you feel like you got any less.
– I promise to be as accommodating and available as I can possibly be to get you scheduled in a timely manner.
– I promise to give you consistency with every appointment you have.
– I promise to always care about you even when you feel overwhelmed with life.
– And finally I promise to always make our time together the best part of your day.

Thank you for letting me provide you with the customer service I feel you deserve.

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