Rock Out Those Curls


With summer here who really wants to spend 45 min to an hour blowing their hair dry to a straight smooth style that will only kink and curl right up once you step outside into the humidity. Yes I said it “humidity” – I know, compared to the east coast Arizona’s humidity is pretty much nothing, but to those of us who live here we do see a difference during monsoon season and it sure does wreck havoc on our hair!

So, to solve this issue why not embrace your curls. Learn to deal with the humity by learning to deal with your natural, healthy, beautiful curls. You might even start to look forward to this time of the year!

Dare to be brave.
Be different.
Step outside the box and show everyone how gorgeous your curls are!

As many of you know I am A Ouidad certified stylist. Ouidad is a method of cutting curly hair so it is more manageable allowing you to cut down on your getting ready time. I have been through extensive training to learn this technique and I also sell many of the products from the extensive Ouidad product line in my salon. These range from the their shampoo and conditioner to gel mousse and conditioning treatments – all to help you embrace and release your beautiful curls, just as Mother Nature intended.

Stop the madness, ease up on the stress and love those curly locks! Come on in and let me show you how. I look forward to seeing you soon!


New Salon Location – On My Own!


I have been independent for over 25 years in the beauty business, and I love being my own boss but recently I’ve felt like I wanted to do more. The thought of owning my own salon and having people work for me was not a direction that interests me at this time, but about a month ago I made a very exciting decision: I decided to open my own Studio Salon.

A Studio Salon is basically a space that is independently-operated, usually by a salon or spa professional. They tend to desire to work independently and enjoy the personal and professional freedom of operating their own salon. Studio salons have been on the rise over the past few years and I have watched the way the concept has grown, so when I decided to look further into it, the decision ended up being an easy one.


I have learned a lot while going through this process. Lease negotiations, insurances and licensing, but I have also had a lot of fun choosing my furniture and decor, as well as selecting the products I will have available for retail for you. I finally get to be the one making the decisions about the look and feel of things as well as what products I think work best for my clients! All my experience and expertise is getting put to use and on display.

To have all these decisions be strictly on me has been wonderful (although, a lot of work and I’ll admit: a bit stressful!).

While in the process of getting my suite ready (renovations, choosing the paint color, lighting, furniture and even smocks) I have enjoyed all of the decision making. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many sleepless nights hoping I’ve made the right selections, and trying to figure out what will go where. But I am mostly loosing sleep because I am just so excited!

When the new furniture started getting delivered and I saw it in the salon, in front of me, in person for the first time it was like Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped in one. I love my selections. The shampoo bowl chair is extremely comfortable – get ready for a very relaxing experience. My styling chairs look wonderful and my stations themselves are the bomb!!! I am so happy with my decor choices.

Then came the decisions over product. I met with my product representative to work on my product selection choices that I would be offering I had a lot of different ideas in mind. She helped keep me on track and narrow down my options. I was able to choose three different lines that I know everyone will appreciate and appeal to: Alfaparf, Neuma and the Brazilian Blowout product line. These products are all unique to salons only, so you won’t find them at Ulta or at the grocery store. This also means they are truly good products – only the best for my clients!

Alfaparf offers three different levels of shampoos and conditioners depending on your hair needs. One for if you need moisture, (which we all do simply because we live in the desert) A reconstructive shampoo and conditioner line for those of us who need a little extra TLC on our hair, and then there is the Diamond Line which keeps healthy hair maintained once we have strengthened and transformed your hair to a healthy level.

I also have a precious oil line that offers amazing shine for the hair as well as a dry oil that you can apply to your hair or body – and let me tell you.. it feels amazing on both!

For all of you that are looking or a more natural or green option, I am excited to carry an organic line called Neuma. In the past I have not been that impressed with organic hair products because in my experience they tend to dry out the hair, but not with Neuma. These products are amazing! They lather up great, rinse out clean and smell like you’re at the spa. Unlike some natural products, this one can stand up against the other products on it’s own. They are just as good and are great options to try.

For those Brazilian Blowout clients I also have the shampoo, hair mask and smoothing cream available.

I am so excited to share in this new venture with you all and I welcome you to come by and visit. Even if you’d like to just check my studio out before your next appointment, swing by and say hi – I always love to see you! Plus, you can check out some of the other studios around me. There are places to get your nails done and even waxing. You can get all your beauty needs taken care of in one spot! How convenient, right?

This is going to be a great new chapter for us all.

Now that it has all come together, I know I can rest easy knowing it looks amazing.
I am confident you will be as happy with our new home as I am.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Short or long.
Layers or no layers.
Straight or curly.
Dark or light.

The list goes on and on and on…

[“MARLA! HELP!” Screams her client]

choices-453x1024 Found on

There is never a shortage of hair style options, there are only the limitations that we put on ourselves. Isn’t it funny how attached and comfortable we become to our hair and the way we style it?

There are many reasons this happens. Mostly because it’s predictable and easy. We know how to style it, which products to use and what the outcome will be (except for those less desirable, not in our control, bad hair days) and how long it will take to achieve our normal desired look. We get in the routine of getting ready and styling our hair, that we forget that we can change it so easily.

Have you ever moved your furniture around in a room? Take your living room for example, you have a couch, a few tables and lamps and bookcase in addition for a few other things. One day you decide to change things up and move you couch to where you bookcase is and switch the tables, maybe take away the coffee table and add a new pillow… it’s like a new room! You were comfortable before with how things were, but now you feel a bit adventurous and you like it. It’s different and it’s a change, but it’s added something new and interesting. And hey, now the late afternoon sun doesn’t blind you from the couch, since you moved it to a new spot. Who knew it was that easy?

This exciting feeling of a new change happen just by changing up your hair a bit! A new cut, a new color, learning to wear it curly instead of blowdrying it straight everyday. These are all things that you can do to your existing hair that can just change it up a bit! Everything is already there, it’s just about finding a new way to use the existing content.

Besides getting stuck in your comfort zone, there are other reasons why you might get stuck with the same hair. How about the media and social media? If our favorite celebrities make a statement about how they love their long hair and would never cut it, we start the feel the same way. It’s amazing how easily we can be persuaded. How about if someone posts on their Facebook page about how happy they are to have finally grown their hair out and how wonderful they feel? Does it make you wish you had long hair too? Or if someone chops off their long hair and and posts a photo of their sassy, fresh new look – do you think about doing the same? Remember though, sometimes what looks good on someone else won’t look good on you. Or what decision someone else has made might not be the best one or you, your lifestyle, or your face shape.

Similarly, if our husbands or significant other hints that you should grow your hair long, we listen and we might think they won’t find us sexy if we keep it shorter. So we grow it longer because they happened to have said something – not because we prefer it short. As much as we want our partners to think we are gorgeous, we need to spend more time deciding what makes us look and feel gorgeous. You will only be gorgeous and sexy if YOU feel sexy and gorgeous!

My question to you is what do you want? What makes you feel sexy? How do you see yourself and how do you want to see yourself?

Don’t get me wrong beauty does come from within but we all know and understand that someone’s first impression of another is not how big their heart must be, but how they look. We can’t help it, it’s what we see first. Again it’s what society dictates.


I say be good to yourself, if you feel better about yourself with short hair cut it short! if you prefer it long, then wear it long! Whatever you decide make sure that decision is for you and nobody else.

I can assist you in the decision making process, with over 25 years experience I have the ability to look at a face shape, take into consideration lifestyle, and the amount of time someone wants to spend on their hair, and be able to offer suggestions about a big change or a smaller more subtle change. I love that my clients put their trust in me. I love that they know I will not steer them wrong. This isn’t always about making a drastic change, instead it can be a fun change that’s actually the right change. Let me help you look your most beautiful.

Like the couch being in a new spot, you wouldn’t haven known until you tried it!

To Bang Or Not To Bang


I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. Some women agonize with this decision more then we agonize over what shoes to wear with that dress. Our hairstyle not only dictates how we feel about ourselves but it can also validate feelings of our own youthfulness.

There are many reasons women want bangs, it might be because they have a larger forehead, a widow’s peak or a receding hairline (all which can be hidden with bangs). Or maybe they want their hair to feel fuller because over the years it has thinned out.

I think the real reason behind wanting new bangs is to feel younger!

Bangs represent our childhood. A time when we had boxy bangs (thanks to our moms) or mishmash bangs (thanks to ourselves and our impulse with the kitchen scissors). Whether or not we liked having them as a child we all vacillate between cutting bangs and growing them out as adults. If you had them as a child, you likely grew them out as a teenager to appear and feel older, since they represented a childish haircut you had a a kid.

Fortunately now we have a lot of options on how to wear bangs.

Some of those options for bangs are:
…very short, blunt baby bang,
…longer length right at the eyebrow heavier blunt bang,
…wispy bang, the bang that is cut on an angle to be swept off to the side,
…and just about any other option you try.

Need to get inspired? Try by browsing some bang styles here, on Pinterest!

Deciding to bite the bullet and cut bangs is a big decision because, just like those shoes we picked to go with the dress, we get worried we wont like what we choose once we step outside.

Well that’s simple to fix: you just grow them back out. Lucky our hair grows quickly allowing for us to try new things and take risks – if we don’t like it, we can go back to what we had before.

And then most likely we’ll want to try it again (usually in about 6-12 months – haha!)

I always say a little change every now and then is good for us. Sometimes it helps take us outside our comfort zone. We rely on feedback from our friends and loved ones to help us then determine if this was a good move or not. In my opinion we need to focus more on how we feel about the changes we make in and for ourselves.

So regardless of the mixed reviews you are sure to get, try to decide for yourself. Look in the mirror and if a smile comes on your face you know you did the right thing. My biggest advice is to let me cut them for you. There is a science to the weight, length and angle that is best for your face, so please don’t try this at home! Let me do the cutting!

As a hairstylist I feel fortunate that I can envision this change in you fairly easily so I will never lead you astray. I want you to always look and feel your best. So on your next appointment just remember whether it is to bang or not to bang I will have you feeling as confidant in that decision as you will feel knowing you chose the RIGHT shoes for that dress.

I can’t wait to see you soon.

all images from Pinterest.

Why You Might Not Want A Trendy Haircut This Season

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “what hair style is hot right now?” I respond by saying, “There is no set style that is The Style.”

The reason I say this is because not everyone can wear what may be trending right now. For example, a few months ago “The BOB” (A perfect example of a timeless style) made a comeback. The BOB (a shorter style that is usually all one length falling at the jaw line) might be difficult for some people to wear based on their face shape, their personal style and hair type. An alternative is a similar short style called “The LOB” (which is really just a longer version of the BOB) which is actually very versatile. It lends itself to be a look that is flattering to anyone, just by changing the length a bit.


In a new article from, you can see what trends are going to be the most popular this winter. There are some great styles in there, and some new and fresh ideas that might look wonderful on you. Now if we did one of these styles for you, that doesn’t mean that that style would work on your co-worker as well. Just because you look amazing, her face shape might not be great for the same style. That being said, a style that might look great on her, might look ridiculous on you!

The best hair styles are the ones that can be customized to the individual. Your hair cut should be a reflection of your personality, we should feel proud and use our hair as the most notable accessories we have. It’s what people tend to remember clearly when they think of us and it’s what people usually focus on see first when they see us. If we are having a bad hair day, somehow it snowballs and all of a sudden we feel like our makeup doesn’t look good and we have nothing to wear. On the other hand, when we are having a good hair day, the opposite happens. Our make up turns out perfect and we are rockin our choice of attire for the day. We feel good, we feel confident and day starts on the right foot.

I want my clients to feel best in their own skin while sporting their own look. So even if a great pixie cut is what all the magazines are showing, this does not mean you have to have that look.

To have so many options might be confusing for some of you, because it’s hard to know what style is best for you. That’s where I come in! I can give you suggestions if your looking to reinvent yourself or to maintain the style you have because that look works best for you.

I love that there are so many options out there to choose from because this allows us to customize your perfect look.There are no rules, no ONE look that is THE look. Your best look is the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Let’s explore them all and find what that look is!

trendy photo from

Decisions, Decisions. What hairstyle should I have?

Decisions, decisions. What hairstyle should I have?

How many of you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your hairstyle?

You might feel like you look best with long hair and you like how it looks on you. You might also love the ease of and being able to quickly pull it up, especially in the summer. Sure, you’re used to this style, but have you ever wondered, “is this REALLY the best look for me” or have you ever thought that maybe it has become your security blanket?

On the other hand, how many of you dream of having long hair but just can’t seem to get past that in between growing out phase?

Don’t get me wrong sometimes the style we already have is actually the most flattering one for us, but sometimes it’s worth branching out and trying something new.

Our hair speaks volumes on how we feel about our own identity. Change can be a scary thing.

But it can also be liberating!

There are many things you can change on your hair: the length, the color, taking curly hair straight or embracing your curls instead of trying to fight them. Any change can be a good change. Big or small.

Look at it as reinventing yourself, spice things up a little bit.

I know how it feels to want to keep your long hair because that’s the way you feel your best and that is all well and good, so why not play around with your hair color?

There are so many options to choose from.

For those of you that are ready to come out of your shell a little and spice things up by embracing a new shorter cut there is a range of options to choose from: a bob, longer bob (a “lob”), a pixie (if you want to really get bold) or a shag – and the list goes on and on.

Give this some thought and let’s talk about it on your next appointment.
I think you may be surprised at how happy the right change will make you feel.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!


A Ouidad Cut, A Specialized Cut For Your Curls in Arizona

With summer quickly approaching who wants to spend endless amounts of time primping your hair, in front of the bathroom mirror, under a hot hairdryer followed up with time sucking hair tools, only to need another shower to cool off as soon as you’re done? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying the people around you and lazy summer days, while still feeling confidant in how your hair looks? Imagine how much extra time you could have if you didn’t have to give your hair so much one-on-one attention. 

Well for all you wavy to curly headed people I have the perfect solution for you: A Ouidad cut. This haircut is a highly technical technique for cutting wavy to curly hair. You will not loose all the body, instead you will lose the frizz while gaining a beautifully sculpted curl. A Ouidad cut will help reduce your style time by half, by allowing you the freedom and flexibility to wash-and-go if you choose to do so! So easy for those hot Arizona summer days.

I can’t express enough how completely amazing A Ouidad cut is. I spent two full days in the Ouidad flagship salon in New York City learning and getting certified to be an Ouidad specialist. Another great thing about this technique is it can be personalized specifically to your needs. By this, I mean if you love your curls and fullness but you feel like it’s too bushy I can reduce the bushiness without losing the fullness. I can go anywhere from mild to extreme with the carve and slice technique. It’s catered to your hair and your needs, which is what makes it so amazing!

I strongly encourage you to come see me for your next cut, and try out A Ouidad cut. You will be so happy you did. Just think how great it would be to spend half as much time on your hair and have it look twice as good as before!  


The End Of Split Ends



With summer quickly approaching now is the time to get a handle on your hair. Out in the desert, our hair gets a lot of exposure to the sun but it’s not always the best attention. A good way to prepare for it is to start early and help your hair build up strength so it can withstand the hot summer sun.

You might be wondering how to do this, well I have just the solution! it’s called Split Ends Repairing Treatment, which is part of the Brazilian Blowout haircare system that you can only find in salons with a stylist that is certified like myself. This is an amazing conditioning treatment that takes only 10 min and will last for 4 weeks, as opposed to other conditioning treatments that basically only last until your next shampoo. This treatment instantly strengthens, repairs, seals, and protects your ends for 4 weeks. You may ask yourself “what does that mean?” Basically, it reconstructs and repairs broken and weakened ends, protects the hair against heat styling, preserves the shape of your hair cut and seals split ends instantly.

This is not a treatment that you have to wait over time for it to build up, but the more it becomes part of your routine, the better your hair will be. This service is an easy 10 extra minutes on top of your haircut, color, or even after you have your Brazilian Blowout treatments. This treatment is great whether you have curly hair or straight hair. You don’t need to have had the Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment done to benefit from this service.

I highly recommend each and everyone of you add this on with your next appointments. Let me know when your interested so we can make sure we have the time we need to add that extra bit of TLC to your hair and get you ready for the sun!

Read more about it here | FAQ

Eating For Your Hair

We have all either heard people say I workout so I can eat, or I just had a great workout so I can eat that extra piece of cake/second helping of pasta. Although it is fun to justify why we are entitled to splurge, it may not always be the most realistic approach.

When I say you should eat for your hair, I mean that in the most literal way. The foods we choose to eat can both help us and harm us; from a healthy heart to healthy hair.

There are certain foods that aide in supporting the porosity, texture, and overall appearance of our hair. Biotin (also known as B7) is one of the top vitamins to aide in healthy hair. Biotin, along with the other B-complex vitamins, has the main functions of helping your body to process energy, and of carrying carbon dioxide through your body. Your sweat glands, nerve tissue and bone marrow also function at their peak efficiency when you have proper Biotin levels.

“Biotin an essential and important vitamin for fast hair growth is known by almost everybody. This is more popular because it’s mostly used in the production of most hair products like shampoos and conditioners. It helps to keep your hair color and stimulates scalp circulation. It can be found in dairy products, cheese and nuts.”

Omega 3 fatty acids are not only good at reducing flaking of the scalp, but it helps balance the oils in your body. Eating fatty fish (like salmon) twice a week for hydrated hair. Some other source are trout and flaxseeds.

Vitamin A is great for cell growth which aides in hair growth. It is an antioxidant that promotes healthy scalp and encourages hair growth. It is found in foods such as vegetables, dairy products and fish.

Protein deficiencies can lead to hair loss, so any diet plan that has an all or nothing concept is not a good one to follow. Lean meats like chicken and fish are a great source of protein, and easily digestible

Vitamin C will help regulate oil production on your scalp. If you are producing too much oil,the hair follicle can get clogged up preventing the hair to grow at the normal average of 1/4-1/2 inch per month. So be sure to eat your spinach, tomatoes,and broccoli. It has being proven that vitamin C plays an important role faster hair growth. This vitamin for fast hair growth is an antioxidant that strengthens hair shaft and hair follicles and prevents hair breakage.

Nuts, specifically walnuts, are high in vitamin E. This vitamin helps to speed up hair growth, as well as help with male pattern baldness, so keep that circulation revved up and eat some walnuts.

Although we can take vitamins to get all these very important nutrients in our system, it is more important to get it by ingesting the vitamins through our food. So again, eat for your hair and see it shine!

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