A Ouidad Cut, A Specialized Cut For Your Curls in Arizona

With summer quickly approaching who wants to spend endless amounts of time primping your hair, in front of the bathroom mirror, under a hot hairdryer followed up with time sucking hair tools, only to need another shower to cool off as soon as you’re done? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying the people around you and lazy summer days, while still feeling confidant in how your hair looks? Imagine how much extra time you could have if you didn’t have to give your hair so much one-on-one attention. 

Well for all you wavy to curly headed people I have the perfect solution for you: A Ouidad cut. This haircut is a highly technical technique for cutting wavy to curly hair. You will not loose all the body, instead you will lose the frizz while gaining a beautifully sculpted curl. A Ouidad cut will help reduce your style time by half, by allowing you the freedom and flexibility to wash-and-go if you choose to do so! So easy for those hot Arizona summer days.

I can’t express enough how completely amazing A Ouidad cut is. I spent two full days in the Ouidad flagship salon in New York City learning and getting certified to be an Ouidad specialist. Another great thing about this technique is it can be personalized specifically to your needs. By this, I mean if you love your curls and fullness but you feel like it’s too bushy I can reduce the bushiness without losing the fullness. I can go anywhere from mild to extreme with the carve and slice technique. It’s catered to your hair and your needs, which is what makes it so amazing!

I strongly encourage you to come see me for your next cut, and try out A Ouidad cut. You will be so happy you did. Just think how great it would be to spend half as much time on your hair and have it look twice as good as before!  


Nourishing Our Hair

summerSun-headerOften times we don’t pay close enough attention to the needs of our hair when it comes to conditioning. With the warm Summer weather rapidly approaching, we will find that the beautiful sunshine and warm air lends a hand to our active lifestyles, which is great for our active bodies, but can take a toll on our hair! During the winter months, it is easy to just wash and condition our hair in the shower, but we don’t think it is as important to do any deep conditioning treatments because we are not in the sun, the pool, or the ocean. What you don’t realize is all year round we are fighting harsh elements that build up over time, so we need to ask ourselves why do I put moisturizer on my face all year round, but not on my hair.

The answer is simple, we become lazy. We will spend an hour and a half in the salon getting our grey hairs covered, or having our highlights touched up, so why don’t we take the extra step and do a deep conditioning treatment?

Now is the time to start changing our mindset. The strong sun out here in the desert means our hair can take a beating. With so many fun and adventurous activities in the sun, it’s easy to forget about how that weather can damage our hair. We all pay attention to our skin, providing it with the moisture and sunscreen it needs. Our hair, just like our skin, gets very thirsty for nourishment. We need to treat our hair like we treat our skin, it is after all an extension of ourselves.We shouldn’t just put a hat on and call it a day! (Wearing a hat can be helpful, but it is not the solution.) A better solution is beginning a deep conditioning treatment.

There are many types of treatments on the market. the range goes from extra moisturizing to higher protein to hot oil to a nice leave in with sun protector. We tend to associate conditioning treatments with our hair needing moisture. Although that is an important ingredient, sometimes the hair needs extra protein to give it strength . Conditioning treatments don’t always have to take 20-30 extra minutes to do a great job. In the salon I can offer you some fantastic treatments that only take an extra 5-7 minutes, and make a world of difference in the way your hair feels, the shine that your hair will have, and an extra bonus that it will aide in your color, making it look better until your next touch up.

Let me assist you in making your hair look just as gorgeous in the spring and sumer months as it does in the fall and winter. Call, email or text me (602-697-4660) to set up your appointment for a deep conditioning treatment and start loving the way your hair feels 12 months out of the year.

Change, That’s Not So Scary!

newyear-newyou-2013I can’t believe how fast time goes. It seems like it was just the Fourth of July and now we are almost into February of the New Year, moving along quickly. Often times we think about how we want to change our look, but we don’t know how to implement that change. We can buy new clothes, make-up, or jewelry. Yet none of these purchases will help us feel we have completed the new look we are striving for. Even though changing your hairstyle can seem like a significant and scary change, changing your style will never be complete without it. The reason we grow so attached to our hair is it acts as a security blanket. But taking the next step to a new hairstyle does not have to be a scary thing.

-New doesn’t always mean short if your hair is long, or layered if your hair is one length

-New can mean a new color. Whether it be blonde, red, beautiful brown, solid color, or highlights, it can help you feel rejuvenated.

-New can mean putting in extensions for length if your hair is not as long as you’d like, or just to add extra fullness if your hair is on the fine side.

-New can mean straightening or getting the perfect Ouidad haircut that is specifically designed for your curly hair.

The New Year deserves a new you!

Let me help you achieve the new change you are looking for.

Call, text, or email me to set up your appointment . I look forward to hearing from you!

602-697-4660 | marlaleigh44@gmail.com

Which Straightening Treatment is Right For Me?

In the world of hair straightening, there are several options that professionals use. Thermal Reconditioning, Keratin Treatments, and Brazilian Blowout, are all good options. As an experienced professional, I am going to provide you with some information on these three. Hopefully this will aide you in the decision making process by providing you with the information you need in order to choose which solution will best fit your needs.

Lee has very kinky curly hair and was looking for a smoothing process that would soften her curl and allow her the flexibility to wear it curly or straight if she chose to do so. I did the Coppola keratin smoothing treatment on her and as you can see the results are beautiful – it was exactly what she was wanting. Lee will not have to redo this treatment again for about 3 months!

Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal reconditioning, also known as thermal restructuring, rebonding, ionic texturizing, or Japanese straightening, is a modern, permanent hair straightening system that will transform even the most curly and frizzy mane into a waterfall of straight, smooth, and silky hair. Invented in Japan, this treatment uses a special chemical combined with heat to restructure the bonds of your hair.

The thermal reconditioning process is going to make your hair the straightest out of all the previously mentioned processes. This is one of my favorite options because there are three separate formulas to choose from depending on your hair type. There are formulas specially developed for normal resistant hair, colored hair, and highlighted
hair. This is important because the formulas are designed specifically for each hair type, so we can choose which formula is best for you. The other benefit to these formulas is that we are able to separate the formulas to use on the different color processes that are currently applied to your hair. So if you’ve got

both color and highlights, we can use the correct formula in each area to ensure that the process is gentle and yields the best results.

Thermal reconditioning is by far the most personalized smoothing system on the market, which is why it has been highly successful for over 10 years.


Not everyone chooses to go with this route, mainly because of after-care rules that need to be followed.

First, this process takes an average of 3-5 hours for a professional in the salon. There are many steps to this process, including applying the product, washing it off, blow drying, and flat ironing the hair. The product itself is only on your hair for about 20 minutes, but it is a very precise application that is done in sections, so it takes time.

After the service is completed, you are not able to get your hair wet or wash it for 48 hours. You can’t use headbands, ponytails, clips, or anything else that will put a kink or crease in your hair.

You’re probably thinking, “what happens when I wash my face or when I sleep?” Obviously you are able to do these things, just carefully. Use a washcloth to wash your face and rinse with a clean washcloth with fresh water. Sleeping will not affect the results of your thermal reconditioning. In the morning, gently brush your hair and continue on with your day.

On average, this system can last 6-8 months and sometimes up to one year. When it grows out, your roots will grow back with the natural wave or curl you were born with, while the rest of your hair remains relatively straighter. In order to prevent over-doing the process when we touch it up, only the roots will get a new application of the product.

Once your touch up is complete, your entire head will look soft and smooth, blending it all together again. Before this application appointment can be made, a consultation is required in order to test the product on a strand of your hair to ensure a positive result.

Typically, color can be applied 7-10 days after the completion of your thermal reconditioning treatment.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin Treatments are comprised of a high protein base, which is what gives our hair it’s natural strength. This process takes an average of 1 ½ – 2 hours to complete and can be done on color treated hair. As with the thermal reconditioning, you should not wet or wash your hair for 3 full days. Do not use hair ties, clips, or anything that might put a crease or kink in your hair. I find that this product has the best results on people that live back east; the moisture in the air helps the condition of the hair since it is fully based on keratin proteins. I feel it needs a better balance of what our hair consists of, which is both protein and moisture.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout  is a fantastic product. You may have read reports on the formaldehyde content of this product, but I have been assured that it complies with OSHA standards. I have been performing this service for over 8 years, finding it to be a great option for two major reasons. First, it leaves the hair in excellent condition. Second, you have the wash and go flexibility that is not present in the other options.

On average, the Brazilian Blowout application takes about 2 hours. With this product, you are able to have your color service done on the same day. This is a huge benefit to my clients, as they are able to complete the Brazilian Blowout and a full color in the same appointment. With everyone having such busy and complicated schedules, this option allows the client to have all of their services done at once, without having to make separate appointments!

Since you don’t have the limitation of not being able to get your hair wet for days, you are able to wash your hair the following day, go for a run, do yoga… the sky’s the limit! Without a long period of downtime, this process really caters to my clients with an active


Considered more of a smoothing and conditioning treatment, the Brazilian Blowout will not leave your hair bone-straight. You will still have some wave, but without the frizz. It also reduces the effort needed to blow dry your hair. Because of this, you will spend half of the time doing your hair then you currently are. You don’t have to be a whizz to make your hair look good. You can even let it air dry and simply run a flat iron over it as a final touch. No matter where you live or what the climate is like, this process works very well.

The typical maintenance cycle on this process is an average of 3-4 months, with some people going a full year, and others choosing to re-apply 6-8 weeks. Since this system is very conditioning, it lends itself to more frequent applications without drying out the hair. You will love the way your hair feels and looks, thanks to the great shine this product will provide.

One final note: There are several vegetable based straighteners on the market. I have found that they are not necessarily the best option for most hair types. They often dry the hair out, lack the shine enhancement, and don’t last nearly as long as the more well known and quality products. However, there are many people that like this option because they prefer to not put chemicals on their hair, and that is perfectly understandable.

Ultimately, you have many options in the world of hair straightening. With many options to choose from, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation. I will be happy to guide you towards the best decision possible for your individual hair type. I look forward to hearing from you soon!