The End Of Split Ends



With summer quickly approaching now is the time to get a handle on your hair. Out in the desert, our hair gets a lot of exposure to the sun but it’s not always the best attention. A good way to prepare for it is to start early and help your hair build up strength so it can withstand the hot summer sun.

You might be wondering how to do this, well I have just the solution! it’s called Split Ends Repairing Treatment, which is part of the Brazilian Blowout haircare system that you can only find in salons with a stylist that is certified like myself. This is an amazing conditioning treatment that takes only 10 min and will last for 4 weeks, as opposed to other conditioning treatments that basically only last until your next shampoo. This treatment instantly strengthens, repairs, seals, and protects your ends for 4 weeks. You may ask yourself “what does that mean?” Basically, it reconstructs and repairs broken and weakened ends, protects the hair against heat styling, preserves the shape of your hair cut and seals split ends instantly.

This is not a treatment that you have to wait over time for it to build up, but the more it becomes part of your routine, the better your hair will be. This service is an easy 10 extra minutes on top of your haircut, color, or even after you have your Brazilian Blowout treatments. This treatment is great whether you have curly hair or straight hair. You don’t need to have had the Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment done to benefit from this service.

I highly recommend each and everyone of you add this on with your next appointments. Let me know when your interested so we can make sure we have the time we need to add that extra bit of TLC to your hair and get you ready for the sun!

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