Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Short or long.
Layers or no layers.
Straight or curly.
Dark or light.

The list goes on and on and on…

[“MARLA! HELP!” Screams her client]

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There is never a shortage of hair style options, there are only the limitations that we put on ourselves. Isn’t it funny how attached and comfortable we become to our hair and the way we style it?

There are many reasons this happens. Mostly because it’s predictable and easy. We know how to style it, which products to use and what the outcome will be (except for those less desirable, not in our control, bad hair days) and how long it will take to achieve our normal desired look. We get in the routine of getting ready and styling our hair, that we forget that we can change it so easily.

Have you ever moved your furniture around in a room? Take your living room for example, you have a couch, a few tables and lamps and bookcase in addition for a few other things. One day you decide to change things up and move you couch to where you bookcase is and switch the tables, maybe take away the coffee table and add a new pillow… it’s like a new room! You were comfortable before with how things were, but now you feel a bit adventurous and you like it. It’s different and it’s a change, but it’s added something new and interesting. And hey, now the late afternoon sun doesn’t blind you from the couch, since you moved it to a new spot. Who knew it was that easy?

This exciting feeling of a new change happen just by changing up your hair a bit! A new cut, a new color, learning to wear it curly instead of blowdrying it straight everyday. These are all things that you can do to your existing hair that can just change it up a bit! Everything is already there, it’s just about finding a new way to use the existing content.

Besides getting stuck in your comfort zone, there are other reasons why you might get stuck with the same hair. How about the media and social media? If our favorite celebrities make a statement about how they love their long hair and would never cut it, we start the feel the same way. It’s amazing how easily we can be persuaded. How about if someone posts on their Facebook page about how happy they are to have finally grown their hair out and how wonderful they feel? Does it make you wish you had long hair too? Or if someone chops off their long hair and and posts a photo of their sassy, fresh new look – do you think about doing the same? Remember though, sometimes what looks good on someone else won’t look good on you. Or what decision someone else has made might not be the best one or you, your lifestyle, or your face shape.

Similarly, if our husbands or significant other hints that you should grow your hair long, we listen and we might think they won’t find us sexy if we keep it shorter. So we grow it longer because they happened to have said something – not because we prefer it short. As much as we want our partners to think we are gorgeous, we need to spend more time deciding what makes us look and feel gorgeous. You will only be gorgeous and sexy if YOU feel sexy and gorgeous!

My question to you is what do you want? What makes you feel sexy? How do you see yourself and how do you want to see yourself?

Don’t get me wrong beauty does come from within but we all know and understand that someone’s first impression of another is not how big their heart must be, but how they look. We can’t help it, it’s what we see first. Again it’s what society dictates.


I say be good to yourself, if you feel better about yourself with short hair cut it short! if you prefer it long, then wear it long! Whatever you decide make sure that decision is for you and nobody else.

I can assist you in the decision making process, with over 25 years experience I have the ability to look at a face shape, take into consideration lifestyle, and the amount of time someone wants to spend on their hair, and be able to offer suggestions about a big change or a smaller more subtle change. I love that my clients put their trust in me. I love that they know I will not steer them wrong. This isn’t always about making a drastic change, instead it can be a fun change that’s actually the right change. Let me help you look your most beautiful.

Like the couch being in a new spot, you wouldn’t haven known until you tried it!

To Bang Or Not To Bang


I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. Some women agonize with this decision more then we agonize over what shoes to wear with that dress. Our hairstyle not only dictates how we feel about ourselves but it can also validate feelings of our own youthfulness.

There are many reasons women want bangs, it might be because they have a larger forehead, a widow’s peak or a receding hairline (all which can be hidden with bangs). Or maybe they want their hair to feel fuller because over the years it has thinned out.

I think the real reason behind wanting new bangs is to feel younger!

Bangs represent our childhood. A time when we had boxy bangs (thanks to our moms) or mishmash bangs (thanks to ourselves and our impulse with the kitchen scissors). Whether or not we liked having them as a child we all vacillate between cutting bangs and growing them out as adults. If you had them as a child, you likely grew them out as a teenager to appear and feel older, since they represented a childish haircut you had a a kid.

Fortunately now we have a lot of options on how to wear bangs.

Some of those options for bangs are:
…very short, blunt baby bang,
…longer length right at the eyebrow heavier blunt bang,
…wispy bang, the bang that is cut on an angle to be swept off to the side,
…and just about any other option you try.

Need to get inspired? Try by browsing some bang styles here, on Pinterest!

Deciding to bite the bullet and cut bangs is a big decision because, just like those shoes we picked to go with the dress, we get worried we wont like what we choose once we step outside.

Well that’s simple to fix: you just grow them back out. Lucky our hair grows quickly allowing for us to try new things and take risks – if we don’t like it, we can go back to what we had before.

And then most likely we’ll want to try it again (usually in about 6-12 months – haha!)

I always say a little change every now and then is good for us. Sometimes it helps take us outside our comfort zone. We rely on feedback from our friends and loved ones to help us then determine if this was a good move or not. In my opinion we need to focus more on how we feel about the changes we make in and for ourselves.

So regardless of the mixed reviews you are sure to get, try to decide for yourself. Look in the mirror and if a smile comes on your face you know you did the right thing. My biggest advice is to let me cut them for you. There is a science to the weight, length and angle that is best for your face, so please don’t try this at home! Let me do the cutting!

As a hairstylist I feel fortunate that I can envision this change in you fairly easily so I will never lead you astray. I want you to always look and feel your best. So on your next appointment just remember whether it is to bang or not to bang I will have you feeling as confidant in that decision as you will feel knowing you chose the RIGHT shoes for that dress.

I can’t wait to see you soon.

all images from Pinterest.