Change, That’s Not So Scary!

newyear-newyou-2013I can’t believe how fast time goes. It seems like it was just the Fourth of July and now we are almost into February of the New Year, moving along quickly. Often times we think about how we want to change our look, but we don’t know how to implement that change. We can buy new clothes, make-up, or jewelry. Yet none of these purchases will help us feel we have completed the new look we are striving for. Even though changing your hairstyle can seem like a significant and scary change, changing your style will never be complete without it. The reason we grow so attached to our hair is it acts as a security blanket. But taking the next step to a new hairstyle does not have to be a scary thing.

-New doesn’t always mean short if your hair is long, or layered if your hair is one length

-New can mean a new color. Whether it be blonde, red, beautiful brown, solid color, or highlights, it can help you feel rejuvenated.

-New can mean putting in extensions for length if your hair is not as long as you’d like, or just to add extra fullness if your hair is on the fine side.

-New can mean straightening or getting the perfect Ouidad haircut that is specifically designed for your curly hair.

The New Year deserves a new you!

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