Nourishing Our Hair

summerSun-headerOften times we don’t pay close enough attention to the needs of our hair when it comes to conditioning. With the warm Summer weather rapidly approaching, we will find that the beautiful sunshine and warm air lends a hand to our active lifestyles, which is great for our active bodies, but can take a toll on our hair! During the winter months, it is easy to just wash and condition our hair in the shower, but we don’t think it is as important to do any deep conditioning treatments because we are not in the sun, the pool, or the ocean. What you don’t realize is all year round we are fighting harsh elements that build up over time, so we need to ask ourselves why do I put moisturizer on my face all year round, but not on my hair.

The answer is simple, we become lazy. We will spend an hour and a half in the salon getting our grey hairs covered, or having our highlights touched up, so why don’t we take the extra step and do a deep conditioning treatment?

Now is the time to start changing our mindset. The strong sun out here in the desert means our hair can take a beating. With so many fun and adventurous activities in the sun, it’s easy to forget about how that weather can damage our hair. We all pay attention to our skin, providing it with the moisture and sunscreen it needs. Our hair, just like our skin, gets very thirsty for nourishment. We need to treat our hair like we treat our skin, it is after all an extension of ourselves.We shouldn’t just put a hat on and call it a day! (Wearing a hat can be helpful, but it is not the solution.) A better solution is beginning a deep conditioning treatment.

There are many types of treatments on the market. the range goes from extra moisturizing to higher protein to hot oil to a nice leave in with sun protector. We tend to associate conditioning treatments with our hair needing moisture. Although that is an important ingredient, sometimes the hair needs extra protein to give it strength . Conditioning treatments don’t always have to take 20-30 extra minutes to do a great job. In the salon I can offer you some fantastic treatments that only take an extra 5-7 minutes, and make a world of difference in the way your hair feels, the shine that your hair will have, and an extra bonus that it will aide in your color, making it look better until your next touch up.

Let me assist you in making your hair look just as gorgeous in the spring and sumer months as it does in the fall and winter. Call, email or text me (602-697-4660) to set up your appointment for a deep conditioning treatment and start loving the way your hair feels 12 months out of the year.