Hair Trends Made Personal


Hair Trends: slight customizations to make trends personal.

All too often we wait anxiously to see what hot new hair styles our favorite celebrities are sporting. It might be a new cropped cut or a sexy shag style, other times it’s new layers in their long locks. Sometimes it’s just as simple as a change in bangs, such as full bangs or one that sweeps to the side.

With so many options it can get confusing as to which one is right for you. For instance if you have always had long hair you might feel you wouldn’t look good in a shorter hair style. This is more fiction than fact. The nice thing about the changing trends is every cut can be tailored to the individual.


A shag can be worn at several different lengths while a cropped cut can have an edgier look by leaving a longer bang to it. There are an infinite number of ways to expand on the basic concept of each style and sometimes you just have to think outside the box. Small subtle changes can personalize any style to make it special and unique to each person.

That is where a good and experienced hairstylist is crucial. She or he will be able to visualize what look is best for you and your lifestyle, and bring it to fruition. Cutting hair is not just about picking up a pair of shears and cutting away. There is a science to what angles are best for your face and head shapes as well  as your hairs texture and density. Each factor plays an important role and helps determine what modification should be done to the cut so it fits you best.

Our hair is an accessory we wear everyday. It is very important that you have confidence in your stylist. If you are searching for someone new going in for a consultation is always a good way to become familiar with each other in a relaxed setting. You want to make sure the fit feels right, that they “get” you and you feel comfortable with them so you can voice all your opinions and concerns without feeling awkward. While having your consultation you will have the opportunity to find out what style options would be best for you and what they suggest.

As a hair stylist and color specialist I always welcome a new client consultation because often times it puts the client at ease before you start doing their hair and they appreciate the time you took out of your day to talk and get to know them. Another helpful tip for the consultation is to bring in pictures of different hairstyles you like so your hairstylist will be able to get an exact visual of what you are thinking. Then we can suggest the best way for you to achieve that look or we suggest something similar that we feel might work better for you specifically.

So although bangs are hot right now they may not be best for you. Remember your look is what makes you your own person so even if the magazines say this is “THE” look, the only look that truly matters is the one you feel you can ROCK!