Why To Avoid Box Hair Color

Lets talk more about hair color. This time, let’s chat about why NOT to use a store bought box of hair color.

I am sure you have all seen the commercials advertising how you can perform the various methods of hair coloring at home by just buying a kit at the store. They use our favorite actress and singers in the ads, as if we’re supposed to believe Jennifer Aniston actually dyes her own hair in her bathroom. I don’t think so! The companies tell you it’s a “one size fits all color option.” But your hair is unique to you. Your skin tones, eyebrows, eye color and the condition of your hair all play a part on your hair color, so one brown will look different on two different people, even though they used the same box color. Instead, give yourself customization and expert knowledge, and seek a hair professional who will be able to accurately create a color for you and only YOU!


There is a reason hairstylists have to complete 1600 hours of education and pass state board examines before receiving their Cosmetology license. You can’t just send away for your license like you can with other things.

A hairstylist has many facets. Some specialize in strictly hair cutting, while some become color specialists. There is a lot of time and education that goes into understanding how the color wheel works. You have to know what shades to mix together to achieve that beautiful golden blonde, that rich carmel brown or that vibrant red. With all these companies selling the idea that you can achieve that perfect shade you want with just this one simple application is such a disservice to you as the consumer.

The hair color wheel ranges from black to platinum blonde with additional shades of golds ash reds and more. You can’t take someone with dark brown hair and make them a pretty blonde in one process that comes in a box. If you did, your hair would actually come out orange. You can learn more about the hair color wheel here: http://www.haircolorwheel.net/ and also, view the video below to learn about understanding the laws of hair color (via ExpertVillage).


So although we are all looking for ways to save money, if you proceed with purchasing a box color from the store, you will end up spending twice as much in color correction at the salon than you would have – had you originally gone to a professional and let them do what they have been trained to do. That $10 box color won’t feel that affordable after a $300 color correction.

I am all for being thrifty, and watching what we spend and where we spend it, but there are some things in life that are worth the investment. Our hair is an accessory we wear everyday, so who doesn’t want to rock their look and feel great every time they look in the mirror? Start by doing it the right way, and call a professional! This is not the time for spontaneous money saving tricks!