OUIDAD – learning to love your curls

headerWhen looking for a new hair stylist, what should I look for that sets them apart from the rest? This is a common question that the majority of people ask themselves when hunting for a new stylist. Depending on the needs of the individual, the answer can come in many different forms.

I can offer over 25 years of experience with several different certifications, but there is one specific certification that I will be discussing today. The OUIDAD haircut. This haircut is specifically designed to be done on naturally curly hair. The type of curl is irrelevant. This application can be used on a variety of curls, from wavy to super kinky.

After spending two extensive days of training at the New York City OUIDAD flagship salon, I have learned the technique of this awesome method of cutting curly hair. The goal of this method is to help remove unwanted bulk from within the hair as well as aiding in the control of frizziness. One of the great aspects of this style is that there is no use of any thinning or texturizing shear used in this style of cut. Even with a style that has layers, you will not get a LEDGE effect when you hair is dry.

There is a special technique for applying product and styling this hair cut called the Rake ‘n Shake. With a variety of options within the product line, we can develop a system that feeds your hair exactly what it needs. This utilization of the correct product will assist in the final outcome of how beautiful, soft, and manageable your curls will be. I have also performed this style haircut on clients that get Brazilian Blowouts, and the two services compliment each other very nicely. So if you have naturally wavy, curly, or kinky hair, I strongly encourage you to contact me for your own OUIDAD experience!