Why You Might Not Want A Trendy Haircut This Season

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “what hair style is hot right now?” I respond by saying, “There is no set style that is The Style.”

The reason I say this is because not everyone can wear what may be trending right now. For example, a few months ago “The BOB” (A perfect example of a timeless style) made a comeback. The BOB (a shorter style that is usually all one length falling at the jaw line) might be difficult for some people to wear based on their face shape, their personal style and hair type. An alternative is a similar short style called “The LOB” (which is really just a longer version of the BOB) which is actually very versatile. It lends itself to be a look that is flattering to anyone, just by changing the length a bit.


In a new article from DailyHaircut.com, you can see what trends are going to be the most popular this winter. There are some great styles in there, and some new and fresh ideas that might look wonderful on you. Now if we did one of these styles for you, that doesn’t mean that that style would work on your co-worker as well. Just because you look amazing, her face shape might not be great for the same style. That being said, a style that might look great on her, might look ridiculous on you!

The best hair styles are the ones that can be customized to the individual. Your hair cut should be a reflection of your personality, we should feel proud and use our hair as the most notable accessories we have. It’s what people tend to remember clearly when they think of us and it’s what people usually focus on see first when they see us. If we are having a bad hair day, somehow it snowballs and all of a sudden we feel like our makeup doesn’t look good and we have nothing to wear. On the other hand, when we are having a good hair day, the opposite happens. Our make up turns out perfect and we are rockin our choice of attire for the day. We feel good, we feel confident and day starts on the right foot.

I want my clients to feel best in their own skin while sporting their own look. So even if a great pixie cut is what all the magazines are showing, this does not mean you have to have that look.

To have so many options might be confusing for some of you, because it’s hard to know what style is best for you. That’s where I come in! I can give you suggestions if your looking to reinvent yourself or to maintain the style you have because that look works best for you.

I love that there are so many options out there to choose from because this allows us to customize your perfect look.There are no rules, no ONE look that is THE look. Your best look is the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Let’s explore them all and find what that look is!

trendy photo from DailyHaircut.com