Your Hairdresser, Your Friend


When I was younger and trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up I had so many different thoughts and ideas… I thought, “should I go into fashion and become a buyer for a big store, because I love clothes? …should I become a therapist, because I love helping and listening to people? …should I become a hairstylist because I love doing my friends hair in the bathroom at my house.I could have decided to do any of these, I just had to decide which one I wanted to do.

Obviously I choose to become a hairstylist, and I have never had a single regret about my decision. The funny thing is that I actually got to combine all my desires into what I do today. I didn’t actually “go into” fashion but I do need to stay up to date on fashion, style and trends to stay in the know and help give ideas about what’s in and out each season. I get to wear whatever I want to each day at work, and get to show all sides of my personality. One day I can be boho chic, the next I’ll be sporty and the next I’ll be preppy or rock a cool grunge look. I love that everyday I can be something different. In addition to my clothes, I get to change my hair as I please: I can go from brown to red to brown with blonde highlights, and back to brown again. Or I can straighten my hair one day, wear it curly hair the next. I think it’s good for you as my client to see me style my hair and my clothes differently each time – it shows how easy it is to change things up! I’m telling you I just love the freedom, and versatility I am able to express everyday. (I hope it inspires you a bit too!)

Though I am no therapist, I do have very close relationships with my clients and am able to be a listening ear to my clients. I’m lucky because my clients aren’t just my clients – they become more, they become my friends. I love the conversations I get to have with my clients, but I am especially blessed that they feel so comfortable confiding in me, knowing it is a safe place for them. I love not only being able to give them more confidence in themselves through their hairstyles, but also in helping them work through things that may be causing them stress, or confusion. Sometimes it’s the first time in a long time someone has actually sat down and relaxed, so it’s natural to talk about stresses and even happiness going on in someones life. I’m just happy to help them relax a bit!

I am so grateful for the path I chose, and to all those who travel this path with me. My hope and wish for all of you is that you find happiness in your choices and follow your dreams.

Thank you for letting me be YOUR HAIRDRESSER, and YOUR FRIEND!


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