Before & after pictures

  • Lee has very kinky curly hair and was looking for a smoothing process that would soften her curl and allow her the flexibility to wear it curly or straight if she chose to do so. I did the Coppola keratin smoothing treatment on her and as you can see the results are beautiful – it was exactly what she was wanting. Lee will not have to redo this treatment again for about 3 months!
  • A sample before and after of the OUIDAD cut. A Ouidad haircut works for curly hair because the cut is geared to keep curls from weighing down the style while balancing the natural fullness of curly hair. Stylists that can perform a Ouidad cut must be certified, such as Marla is.
  • Lisa was ready to really change things up. We took her color to a beautiful warm brown and cut about 3 inches off the length. We also added a cute bang for an added change.
  • Here is an example of an amazing Ouidad haircut for Cheryl! Ouidad is highly technical haircut designed specifically for curly hair, which Marla is now certified in. Contact her for more information on taming your own curls!
  • Phyllis was looking to add a little “pep” in her style so we went through her hair, cut and reshaped it to give her a more updated and fun look. Sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest change!
  • We matched the color of this client’s hair ang gaver her an extra 4 inches that matched perfectly on her Brazillian Blowout treated hair. They lasted about 4 months before she needed to have them touched up and tightened around her new roots.
  • This blond beauty wanted to add drastic length to her hair, so we added extensions and gave her hair to her waist. The color matched perfectly with her highlights and the result was stunning.
  • A client who likes drasic changes for her short hair, so we play with color and cut options each time to give her a fresh look she can play with and stay edgy.
  • Rachel’s needed a touch up for summer so we brought her beach blond hair to life. Check out these before and after shots of her roots!
  • Check out this cool before & after ombré coloring we did for Morgan. She wanted to add some “pop” to her light brown hair so we did added some vibrant red color to the ends.
  • Susie wanted to freshen up her summer style, so we gave her a cute, easy, low maintenance cut and put some beautiful blonde highlights on the top to really show off the the cut. The blonde color helps give her style a more dramatic look.
  • we cut about 6 inches off of Lisa and left some pretty blonde highlights in the front as well as leaving some of the old hilights out on the ends for a more fun, dramatic effect.
  • Another wonderful example of a Ouidad cut which reduced this client’s frizz down drastically. Now she has a very easy time styling her hair, just based on a new cut that is geared towards curles like hers.
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