Embracing Your Comfort Zone

I know I talk a lot about change and how change is good, and that you shouldn’t be scared of but instead you should embrace it.
But on the flip side there is a lot to be said for keeping things the same.

By keeping things the same, you never have to be uncomfortable, you never have to live outside your comfort zone, there is never an adjustment period, and everything is just always consistent. You know what to expect and how things should go.

The world is full of all different people, with many different personalities. This is a good thing. Some people strive to always look for the change while others prefer to keep things the same. This is one of the many things that I love about my job.I get to be with all types of people and learn about what makes them desire change, and what makes them desire familiarity. I can truly appreciate the many differences in people. Not only are our personalities different, but so are our beliefs, hobbies, goals, thoughts, and lives.

One way, isn’t necessarly the right way. There are many different “right” ways, and everyone’s ideas of “right” is different. Acceptance is what is most important. Being able to understand other people’s right allows us to appreciate our own ways, or to start to lean towards other ideas. Accepting ourselves, and accepting others for their opinions even when they differ from our own is what keeps us growing and learning. We shouldn’t put up walls or be stubborn, instead we should try to try on someone else’s shoes as they say. Accepting that there are things in this world we can not change, or should not change. It is what it is.

My advice to anyone who doesn’t understand why someone would not want to change is, to take the time to learn about that person as a whole. Not just on the surface, because only then can you truly appreciate, and accept the world around you.

So if you‘re comfortable with what you know, great! Stick with it as along as it’s working for you and the people around you. But never forget acceptance is key.

Customer Service

What are your thoughts on customer service these days?

I am a firm believer in customer appreciation and I pride myself in offering the best customer service to all my clients all the time, not just when it suits me. I feel when you chose to work in the service industry you are taking on a promise to treat everyone equal no matter how difficult that may be.

Over the years I have experienced many different situations that often remind me that everyone has something going on in their lives, so I do my best to make their time in my chair the highlight of their day. They have put aside time to get a service, which I am here to provide.

I feel very lucky to be working in a profession that clients look forward to coming to see me (and of course, let’s be honest… because their hair is excited too), which is quite the opposite of the anxiety we feel when going to the dentist. Ha ha! I have the honor and the privilege to help transform people to feel the very best about themselves when they look in the mirror. Our hair is such an Important part of how we see ourselves. I love that I can help people feel pretty and confident when they look in the mirror. And helping to making you feel your best is the best way I can show my customer appreciation.

My promise to all my existing clients and all the new clients getting ready to book their appointments is this:

– I promise to always listen to what you are telling me you want to do with your hair, while also promising to advise you on what the best look is for you.
– I promise to always give you 100% and never have you feel like you got any less.
– I promise to be as accommodating and available as I can possibly be to get you scheduled in a timely manner.
– I promise to give you consistency with every appointment you have.
– I promise to always care about you even when you feel overwhelmed with life.
– And finally I promise to always make our time together the best part of your day.

Thank you for letting me provide you with the customer service I feel you deserve.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Lets start 2018 off with happiness. My New Years resolution is really no different then any other year, which is to be the best version of myself that I can be.

I wish for all of you to be the best version of yourselves as well.

In doing so we need to take a good look inside ourselves and decide what we think needs improvement and what we are most proud of. Change is never an easy thing, often times it can be rather scary. They say, “if something scares you, it means you need to do it.” This is precisely why you should push yourself, and for me why change is so important.

Change challenges us to accept new and different situations that we may otherwise just accept as normal or ok just to avoid trying harder. Self acceptance has been a theme over the years, especially among women. We as women are so critical of ourselves. What to wear, what to eat (actually, what not to eat), what color our hair should be, what hairstyle should I have. Or even, I wish my [insert anything here} was different, and on and on it goes.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel change is good and it plays an intrigal part in self growth and self awareness, as long as we are doing it for the right reasons. You should only want to change for yourself – not for anyone else. The only way the change will be positive, is if it’s something you want for you. To change who we are or how we look to please someone else is not the right reason. This takes me back to my original statement of being the best version of ourselves.
First evaluate yourself
Decide what do YOU like best and what do YOU feel needs improvement.
Figure out a plan of action on how to make these improvements.
And finally…

Don’t let fear hold you back.
Take the first step.
Happy new year and here’s to being the best version of YOU!!!!

Senegence – now selling

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to share with you I have recently decided to sell Senegence in my salon, specifically their Lipsense line. For those of you who are not familiar with Senegence and Lipsense… you are in for a treat! Lipsense is a lipstick that when applied will last all day long. Lipsense comes in the form of a color gloss. You apply 3 easy applications and finish it off with a your choice of gloss: matte, glossy, opal, or diamond (which adds a little extra sparkle *especially fun for the holidays*).

Lipsense is so awesome that you can eat, drink, workout, or whatever and the color will stay on perfectly until the end of your day, when it’s time to wash it off. I am so impressed with this product and I’m having so much fun testing out all the different colors. I feel like a kid in a candy store, but well… more “adult” since it’s makeup. I can’t wait for you to try and see for yourself.I started carrying this lipstick few weeks ago and everyone is so impressed with it as well, even people that don’t usually wear lipstick have purchased some and love them! In fact, they’re going so quickly that I’ve already had to place another order! They also make great gifts, whether it be for Christmas (anyone need a last minute gift?!), or birthday.

On another note, not only do they make great lip colors, but Senegence is a full beauty line ranging from skincare to makeup to body care and perfume. Everything you could possibly want, and they’re all wonderful!

I also brought in a few skin care products and I have to say after using their 3 in 1 cleanser and day and evening moisturizers make my skin feel fantastic. I tried the facial resurfacer followed by the polisher and I couldn’t believe how after just one use how soft my skin was. Those of you who really know me, know I love the sun and I spend a lot of time hanging outside in the summertime, which has caused my skin to be extra dry (also, thanks Arizona!) This new regimen I have started is definitely going to help nourish my very dry skin. I feel like I finally found products that actually work and work quickly. That to me is a win-win.

I am just so excited to share these products with all of you, so feel free to ask me any questions or stop in to see them in person.

I Have Curly Hair

Now THIS is why I love what I do! I get so excited to hear that people love their hair, and now I’m so excited to share with you this wonderful write up from one of my (very) longtime clients! She has curly hair, and a lot to say about it. We have tried different techniques over time (Ouidad, DevaCurl, etc) to help her achieve her goals. It’s an honor to be the one to have helped her to love her hair. I hope you enjoy! xo Marla
__I have curly hair. For a long time I had a love/hate relationship with my curls. As a young girl I always wanted long hear, but my hair just grew big. I visited many hair stylists who when asked, “Can you cut curly hair?” proclaimed, “Of course!”. Much to my chagrin, they could not. Then came Marla. She was the first and only stylist who truly understood the relationship I had with my curls and knew what to do about it. Even when I lived out of state, I found myself coming back to Marla. I’ve been seeing Marla for 30 years, and when we started out, she just seemed to have a knack for taming my curls. Since that time she has been trained and certified in two specific techniques for cutting curly hair, Ouidad and Deva Curl. I was getting a Ouidad cut for years and loved it, but when Marla asked if I’d be willing to try a Deva cut I said, “Sure”. While both techniques left me with beautiful style and fun curls, the implementation and results were slightly different. Ouidad is done on freshly washed wet hair, and the Deva cut is done on dry hair, and then washed. Both are dried with a diffuser. The Ouidad cut left me with a fuller curl compared to the more spiral shape of my curl with the Deva cut. Each technique recommends use of a specific line of hair products. I already had a supply of Ouidad products and continued to use them with my Deva cut. I found that the Ouidad shampoo and conditioner worked fine with this cut, however, the Deva curl gel worked better for styling my Deva cut. For anyone starting fresh, I recommend using the product line associated with the technique you choose, but if you already have the products, I’d say you are probably ok to use up what you have.

As for which technique I prefer, I honestly love them both. I have complete confidence in Marla and know that whichever technique she uses, I’m going to get a spectacular cut for my curls and I am finally able to grow longer, healthy, curly hair!

If you have curly hair, and struggle to make it look the way you want it, call Marla for a consultation. I guarantee, when you ask, “Can you cut curly hair?”, the answer will be an honest, “Yes I can!”

Curls, Curls, Curls

“Curls curls curls”
…Hey ladies I’m talking to you!Did you know more then 65% of women have naturally curly hair?

Did you know 97% of curly clients are looking for the perfect cut and styling products for their hair?

Did you know there are 4 different types of curls?
1. Loose curls need a product to give their hair body and lift (without having to even dry your hair!)
2. Classic curls need a lightweight product to even out the hydration to help define the curls
3. Tight curls need more intense hydration to elongate the curl which will help fight the frizz
4. Kinky curls have a lower level of porosity so they require intense hydration and restoring properties which help elongate the curl and rebuild their shape

Here’s another fact about curls: curly hair does NOT have to be FRIZZY hair!

Over 60% of women say frizz is their main concern. Often, we check the weather to anticipate how our hair will act during whatever plans have made for the day.

Guess what? I can offer the solution to your problems! I can do this by using my years of experience with curls (my own, and my clients’), as well as my many hours of education learning the latest and greatest techniques specifically for curly haired beauties. Curly hair isn’t the same as straight hair, so let’s not treat it like it is. By performing the right haircut to fit your needs it will change everything. I can also assist you with the best products to help enhance your new cut. Let me show you how to love what you were given, and make others envy your gorgeous curls. Through precipice cutting and products, I can make you LOVE your hair.

Let me help you embrace those curls and make them beautiful!

Call for your next appointment: 602-697-4660

diva curl


Often we focus our energy on “what can I change about myself?” I challenge you to find something about yourself that you are proud of and something you feel is worth bragging about. Even if there’s just one thing you can focus on, I ask you to choose it.

Instead of wishing something was different, how about if we tried to embrace what we do have and appreciate it?

I used to hate my freckles! They made feel like I stood out. “None of my friends had them, so why do I have to have so many?” I used to think. Why can’t I have what I considered a “clean palate” on my face and body? “It’s not fair,” I would say to myself. But as I have gotten older I have learned to accept that this is who I am. My freckles are part of my story, and now I realize I’d look too plain without them. They make me who I am, they are special. No creams or procedures are going to erase them, so why not embrace them?! And though sometimes I still struggle with them, I have learned to love and accept them as part of me.

They say, “With age comes wisdom,” …but I think a better statement is, “with age comes self acceptance!”

Teenage years can be an especially difficult time for many, but as soon as you graduate high school, it’s like everyone starts over. It’s a new chapter. Your worst enemies are now your best friends. Why do we have to go through all the drama, phases, and hard times to get to the good times? I feel it’s to help us grow as individuals and learn how to become our own person.

So my message to you is whatever it is that you are most uncomfortable with about yourself, treat it as you just graduated high school and turn it around to be your best quality. Acceptance is a very powerful tool. We all have the ability to do it – sometimes it’s just about how you look at things, or having a new perspective.

So back to my challenge for you…. What do you love? What do you want to learn to love? What do others love about you? Think about it – and I invite you to add a picture of yourself with a note as to what you have chosen to accept about yourself.

Thanks for participating!

I used to hate my freckles! They made feel like I stood out. ….But as I have gotten older I have learned to accept that this is who I am. My freckles are part of my story, and now I realize I’d look too plain without them. They make me who I am, they are special.

Exciting news – welcoming Pai-Shau product line


I’m very excited about my latest addition to the products I carry at the salon: Pai-Shau. Pai-Shau is composed of 5 exotic tea extracts to help strengthen, repair, exfoliate, protect hair (from UV rays), and to help nourish your hair. Pai-Shau uses proteins, anti-inflammatory properties, anti oxidants and vitamins to help give a deep clean. This is done by stimulating blood circulation, adding luster and shine. At the same time it extends the life of your color! How great is that?

One product that does all this!

The scent will make you feel like you’re at the spa, but the really nice thing is that it doesn’t linger all day long so if you are sensitive to certain smells, just know this scent does dissipate. The products I carry can help anyone’s needs, I try to carry something for everyone. Here are a few examples:

Hydrating Ritual is great for all hair types and helps by adding weightless moisture to replenish and restore natural shine.

Volume Ritual works well for fine hair by adding volume without sacrificing moisture.

Enhance Ritual Biphasic Infusion provides extreme shine and healthier looking hair from the very first use.

Design Ritual offers a variety of products to achieve your desired look by using these finishing products.

I can’t wait to introduce these products to you on your next visit in. I’m certain you will love them as much as I do. Learn more about their products on the Pai-Shau website: www.pai-shau.com

On a side note: I don’t sell or promote anything I have not tried on myself. I have used the replenish shampoo and conditioner at home because my hair tends to be on the dryer side and I love the results I have seen so far even after just one use! My hair was instantly softer and shinier – a huge difference.

I have also used the soufflé as a beautiful blow out product to add smoothness, shine and volume, the royal abundance mousse (which is great for volume without the added sticky or tackiness a lot of other mousses have). Of course you all know how much I love oils on the hair so the Biphasic infusion rocks! Lastly, the Opulent Spray works as a fantastic root lifting spray that gives hair volume and also texture.

I can’t wait to have you all experience this awesome product line.

Happy 2017

What does 2017 mean to you?

I feel this is an important year to appreciate.

Appreciate your family
Appreciate your friends
Appreciate your body
Appreciate your health
Appreciate your co-workers

Appreciate your accomplishments as well as the obstacles you face, because that is what makes you stronger.
We may not always know why something is happening in our lives at the time it is happening, but eventually all questions are answered. You just need to be open to it and willing to hear (or see) it.

So, in the spirit of appreciation I would like say “thank you” to all of my amazing clients and friends for your continued business and support throughout the years.
My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for what you add to my life.
I look forward to another year of great hair, great conversation, and great appreciation.

love, Marla

Find The *Right* Products For Your Hair


I get asked a lot about hair products. Everyone wants to know why they are so important, which ones are “right,” and if they are worth using. Often times there is a huge misconception about hair care products. People think they don’t work. Well if you are using the wrong product for your hair type, then yes, you might feel as though it isn’t “working.” This is why knowledge is king. Finding the right product for your hair can change everything!

People with fine thin hair want more volume and body may feel that mousse or bodifying products are too heavy or sticky on their hair. Or those with thick, curly hair might feel that gel is too much like glue or cement in their hair. Women with straight hair (that have a hard time holding a curl) tend to feel as though a setting lotion, or heat activated styling aid, doesn’t do anything to help their style.

This can all be true… if you are using the wrong product.

Product selection is super important when it comes to finding the right product specific to your own individual needs. Hair care products can be a very personal journey. Some feel aerosol sprays are terrible for the environment. Some prefer organic products. Some love the feeling of oils while others hate using any type of oil. This is why you need to be educated by a knowledgeable stylist (such as myself!) to help guide you to happy hair.

I carry a big selection of products from 4 different product lines that I sell at my salon. I chose each and every one of them with my clients and their many requests, needs and wants in mind. I love my product lines because they all offer something for everyone.


I have Alfaparf products that are known for their wonderfully conditioning and repairative shampoo and conditioners. Their styling aides ranging from mousse to hairspray to pomade that offer fabulous hold without leaving a build up on your hair.


Then, I have Neuma products which is an all organic, gluten free line. Neuma shampoo gives a great lather, which differs from other organic products which tend to never quite “suds up.” Neuma styling aids range in their level of hold. Their mousse is the best for fine thin hair and never leaves the hair feeling heavy. The smoothing cream, blow dry lotion, and pomade have a wonderful scent that is to die for. You feel as though you are at a spa when you use these products. Read more about Neuma products on my blog about Neuma: here.


For my curly haired ladies, I of course carry Ouidad products because I am a certified Ouidad stylist which allows me the honor of being able to carry these products in my salon. I have several types of shampoo and conditioners, as well as styling aids such as mousse, gel, sulfate free co wash, and more.


And finally I have Moroccan Oil products which many of you are familiar with. Their moisture shampoo and conditioner are fabulous as well as their oils and hairspray.

If you are looking to help enhance your hairstyle but just don’t know where to start, please call me or message me. I can lead you in the right direction to help figure out what product is best for your specific needs. I can help show you how to use it (how not to use it) and the best combination of products for you. I am so excited to help you love your hair.