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What does Ouidad mean to me? It means happiness, it means loving your curls, it means no longer being a slave to your hair, it means liberation.
What does Ouidad represent? It represents being natural and embracing what you were born with. It represents accepting yourself. It represents purity.
Now, what is Ouidad? Let me tell you.

Ouidad (named for it’s fonder) is an amazing technique for cutting curly hair. The Ouidad technique is a specific technique designed to enhance all types of curls ranging from loose and classic, to tight and kinky. For those of you who have curly hair, you know how difficult getting the “right” cut can be, and you also know that the wrong cut can make you want to hide under a hat for months. You understand the struggle of finding someone who knows what it’s like to have curls. You know how important it is to have your curls cared for and cut correctly. Now, with Ouidad there is a cut that will change the way your natural curls lay and act.

The cutting method use for Ouidad is called the “Carve and Slice” method. Don’t let the name scare you. The Carve and Slice cut, when done by a certified Ouidad stylist, will enable your curls to intersect together like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with the curl next to it. The Carve and Slice method focuses on the interior of the hair, which helps to avoid the dreaded “pyramid or triangle” look that all curly haired clients are all too familiar with.

When the Ouidad technique is done by a certified stylist (like myself) you will notice your hair will finally lay nice and natural. And if you decide you want to blow dry it out smooth every once in a while, you can do that without any random pieces sticking out. It’s the perfect cut for curls and for styling options.

The Ouidad technique is tailored to each individual, in other words the hair is always cut to the curvature of your head to give you the best shape for your specific curls and the way your hair lays on your scalp. Allowing me to take the time to study your hair, I will be able to determine the perfect Ouidad cut for you. In all my years of cutting and styling hair, that’s one thing I’ve learned: no two person’s curls are alike. Which is why knowing and understanding curly hair is so important as a stylist!

Once the haircut is done the product is applied in the “rake and shake “ method. This is an important part of getting your curls to cooperate and setting the curls for drying. Basically, your fingers are used to create your style and get the most longevity out of your curls. By doing the “rake and shake” you are smoothing the cuticle down to create a frizz free style. Many people are told to “scrunch” dry their curly hair. Scrunching the hair actually promotes fizziness and will leave the curls clumpy.

Products play a key roll in giving you the most desirable look for your curls. There are many Ouidad products designed for all types of curls, so when you come in we can discuss which ones are best for your curls. Although some drugstore products might be your go-to (which I’m all for when it comes to certain situations), I highly recommend trying the Ouidad product line to see the difference. If you get the cut, you may as well not cut corners and skip the product. They work hand in hand, for the best results.

That being said, I am offering every new client that comes in for A Ouidad cut through the month of May a wonderful deal. I will give you 15% off any Ouidad products so you can see what an amazing difference the right products make for your hair, and for ease and beauty in your hairstyle.

To all my existing Clients, I am also passing this discount on to you as a thank you for your continued business!

The best thing to do if you’re considering getting a Ouidad cut is to text me and come in for a consult. There’s no harm in talking about your hair and about what we can do to help you LOVE your curls. I’m local here in Arizona, to Scottsdale and Phoenix – and easy to get to, with flexible appointments available. We can chat about your concerns and your goals – and by me being able to see your style and your cuts, I’ll be able to help you take the next step towards curl confidence!

Text or call me at 602-697-4660 to schedule your next appointment. See you soon.

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